Grace Groups

All are invited to join a Grace Group, an intentional face-to-face gathering of 5 -12 people like yourself who meet on a regular time schedule. They have the common purpose of discovering and growing in the possibilities of the abundant life in Christ. Group members build durable friendships, identify and use their spiritual gifts and care for one another.
Grace Groups are inclusive…all are invited to join and reap the rewards of this Christian fellowship. Call Linda Stratman at (623) 977-6000 to become involved in this exciting ministry. Click on the Grace Group link to see a complete list of the groups.

Listening for God

Lovers of fiction are invited to join the Monday discussion group meeting each week at 10 a.m. in the conference room. The group reads a short story each week, written by a contemporary author. The stories deal with the question of faith – both its presence and its absence. All are welcome to join this lively group.